Living Waters Finland offers seminars and courses to those who want to go forward with their journey with God, and seek help for their relational, emotional and sexual issues. Courses have been run mostly in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Tampere.

Journey 101

Journey 101 is an introductory look at healing and aimed at helping individuals understand the issues they will have to walk through in their journey, embrace the idea of process and move in the direction of where they can begin deeper healing work.

Who’s it for?
As an introductory discipleship program, Journey 101 is available to anyone who is interested in beginning a process of healing.

What’s involved?
Journey 101 is a six-week program that involves times of teaching, stories and small groups, where leaders help participants identify their issues, look at some of the realities of the healing journey, recognize that Jesus and others walk with us, and understand that ultimately our journey enables us to know God and others in deeper ways.

In the Beginning

Length: 11 sessions

Who is it for?
Any Christian who wants to review their peer & family relationships. This includes looking at our upbringings but also how we are living now as adults. Different issues will alert us to the need to do this: comparison, feeling empty, anxiety, shame, feeling fatherless, restlessness, living behind a mask, issues with authority figures, passivity, control, co-dependency, can’t say “no”, loneliness, low self esteem, rejection, stuck in unhelpful relationships, isolating, rage, self harming etc..

How do I apply?
All applicants must fill in an application form and return it to the address on the form.

What is covered?
Chapter 1 In the Beginning God – are we living as God intended
Chapter 2 The Cross
Chapter 3 Our Mothers
Chapter 4 Being my Mother’s Daughter / Son
Chapter 5 Receiving Motherly Love
Chapter 6 Our Fathers
Chapter 7 Being my Father’s Daughter / Son
Chapter 8 Receiving Fatherly Love
Chapter 9 Siblings
Chapter 10 Peers
Chapter 11 Staying on the Journey

The Journey of Grace

Length: 6 months

Who is it for?
Anyone who knows their basic relationships need attention because of: Low self esteem, fear, shame, feeling fatherless, inability to commit, co-dependency, can’t say “no”, loneliness, rejection, stuck in unhelpful patterns, isolating, rage, self harming etc.  Also for those wanting to look at sexual or gender issues: Sexual addiction, other addictions and eating disorders, pornography, self-identified and unwanted same sex attraction, promiscuity, prostitution, misogyny etc.

The Journey of Grace follows 26 chapters and each session includes worship, teaching with testimonies and healing prayer in small groups (single sex). Delegates are expected to be able to commit to attending all the sessions.

How can I join The Journey of Grace?
All participants must fill out an Application Form, and also attend an informal interview at the Living Waters office.
If a 6 month commitment doesn’t work for you, maybe our Summer Week would suit you better? This runs every Summer and is a condensed version of The Journey of Grace with small groups twice a day and ministry in the evenings.

What is covered?

SECTION 1 In the Beginning God…

Chapter 1 Creation
Chapter 2 My Story
Chapter 3 The Fall
Chapter 4 God the Father
Chapter 5 Jesus, God the Son
Chapter 6 God, the Holy Spirit
Chapter 7 The Cross

SECTION 2 Our Family

Chapter 8 Our Mothers
Chapter 9 Being my Mother’s Daughter / Son
Chapter 10 Receiving Motherly Love
Chapter 11 Our Fathers
Chapter 12 Being my Father’s Daughter / Son
Chapter 13 Receiving Fatherly Love
Chapter 14 Siblings
Chapter 15 Peers

SCETION 3 Sin and the Fall

Chapter 16 Abuse
Chapter 17 Shame
Chapter 18 Temptation & Strengthening of Our Wills
Chapter 19 The Cross & Confession of Our Sin + Generational Prayer
Chapter 20 Renouncing Idols
Chapter 21 The Cross & Forgiving Others

SCETION 4 Sexuality & Relationships

Chapter 22 Gender & Sexuality
Chapter 23 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God I
Chapter 24 Becoming Sons & Daughters of God II
Chapter 25 Reconciliation
Chapter 26 Staying on the Journey